Commissions & Order Queue

No matter what your taste, we are focused on bringing you quality masks that will have a lasting effect for the wearer. Standard masks can take eight weeks to ten weeks to create, with hooded orders taking twelve to fourteen weeks.  We create these masks, working alongside our regular/”joe-schmoe” jobs.  As such, we limit how many orders we will take at a time and only open for new orders once we have cleared our current queue/list.

All current customers can use the queue listing below to check the status of your order. Status will change as each order gets through the queue. Once it has entered MANUFACTURING status, the “clock” begins (in relation to the estimated time of completion (E.T.C).  If you are looking to get on our queue in the future, please hang tight, and check our our real-time updates

Regular Gasmasks

Order #StatusEstimated Completion Date

Hooded Gasmasks (Custom)

Order #StatusEstimated Completion Date