Ordering Your Wildgasmask

Wildgasmasks prides ourselves on the art of making the creative thoughts of our customers into a tangible item. It is our hope that this page will serve as a guide about what you can expect from us.  There are many accessories and options available for each of the mask models we offer.

Before ordering, we ask that you view our product information for all safety and legal advisements.

Please don’t send us your design idea unless you have committed to commissioning us.  Unsolicited design Ideas will be rejected.  At any given time we have ideas in the works and we do not wish to get into a “you stole my idea!” debate anytime in the future.

Turn-Around Time

The complexity of your order will determine how long you can expect to wait.  Standard Masks, including those with a custom paint job take four to six weeks. For those who are adding a hood, expect anywhere from six to eight weeks while we assure your mask’s custom fit.  This “clock” begins from the moment that your mask order enters the status of “manufacturing”, as seen on our order queue. If your mask is part of a special event, we ask that you place your order with ample time to prepare your costume debut.

While we love our work, Wildgasmasks is not our full time income, so we give the above time periods with as much “wiggle room” as possible for any  unforeseen circumstances which might take our time away from the lab. If you need to get a realistic deadline, by all means, contact us first.


Your order can be paid for using Paypal or via the Paypal website using your Visa or Mastercard.  With the exception of hooded and custom orders, your order wont require payment until the mask is completed.  If you so choose, we can initiate the request to your email address using a Paypal invoice, which will give you a formal and itemized detail of your entire order.

Be sure to let us know if the email address on your Paypal differs from the one you used to contact us. Wildgasmasks understand the importance of Paypal receiving a portion of money every time we do business. Please do not mark it as a personal payment of any kind. Use the “goods” radio button instead. After receiving email notification of your order’s completion, payment must be received within two weeks or your order may be cancelled. Our required 50% deposit (for hooded orders) is non-refundable so please make sure you can meet the commitment to buy such a custom item.


Domestic orders will be sent by insured USPS Priority mail. International orders are also shipped via USPS but we cannot offer insurance, due to the item being picked up by the respective country’s courier service.  International insurance can be purchased outside of USPS’ insurance, if one requires it. We happily accept orders from Europe, Oceana, Australia, and the Americas  (If you think you do not see your area listed here, please inquire.)

Your mask will be shipped in a cloth bag of its own and carefully shipped.  Due to the time that your mask may spend in transit, we only do a light spot cleaning. Upon receiving your order, we suggest you do a more thorough cleaning, using a cloth in light soapy water. Afterwards, allow your mask to dry before applying any dressing aids or polish.

For overseas orders, please check your country for items falling under Tariff Code #9505900000, as this will help you determine your local VAT.  Wildgasmasks will never ship your item overseas, designated as a “gift”.  While we do our best to help ease shipping costs, you will be responsible for all customs and duties upon pickup. While we can ensure that your order is put in the mail in a timely manner, international shipment times will vary from country to country.