Commissions & Order Queue

No matter what your taste, we are focused on bringing you quality masks that will have a lasting effect for the wearer. For us to ensure that kind of quality, masks can take four to eight weeks, depending on our work load and the schedules at our “regular”/joe-schmoe jobs. If you desire a built-in hood with your order, please note that the lead time for these are six to eight weeks due to the customization and sculpting involved.

The clock begins when your order enters MANUFACTURING status. For those who have been given an order number via email, please use the queue listing below to determine the progress of your order: Should you desire to place an order, a listing with OPEN… INQUIRE NOW indicates an open slot.

Regarding Hooded Orders: Hooded orders are currently unavailable, and only open in Spring and Summer months. To look for an open slot, please check back on this page periodically.

Regular Gasmasks

Order #StatusEstimated Completion Date

Hooded Gasmasks (Custom) -- CLOSED; Production resumes shortly.