Year Isnt Over Yet, and Its Time to Get Busy!

Upon a warm August afternoon, the lab thrums with a bit of activity.  Stego slides the bucket of latex to the appropriate stations, shop pony is gracing us with her fancy tape measure and a smile. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here and taking in the state of our lab — namely that it is queue opening time. Summer was busy for Stego’s work and we got a few learning experiences under our belt.

With much to do, lets get to the good part…..”Just the facts (FAQs), ma’am” (“Dragnet” reference for ya).

How many new orders will you guys take?

We will be taking on a total of 6 orders for this queue opening, along with 1 slot for an upgrade or repair and an additional repair-only slot.  Between all of our available species (KG1s, HG1s, HG2s, JG1.5s, DG1s, and DG2s), it seems that the jackals (JG 1.5s) are the most popular. This means that for each opening of 2 slots, we will favor masks that aren’t a JG 1.5 when filling the second/last slot (of that opening).  This will allow us to space out use of each “pod”(mold) that we pour into.

Since each slot opening is for just two masks, we cannot accept double orders. As this is often asked about, we can say that no waiting list will be offered after all of our slots are filled.  We get too many requests about this, but we just cant do it within reason of our overall availability and schedule.

I know it is unlikely, but would you have any ready-made items to sell? I would like something for Halloween or [xyz] event.

Yes. We pushed extra hard before this queue opening.  So, we will have 2 ready-made items available when we open the queue up.  Please see our Wild-and-Free page which gives full detail.

What day will you open up for orders?

Friday, September 20th, with the first opening occurring at 7pm (19:00 hours) Pacific Standard Time. Available queue slots will not open up in one go.  Each of the openings listed below is meant to account for our customers in different parts of the world.

1st Opening (2 Slots + 1 Plain Standard JG 1.5 Ready to Go): Friday September 20th, 7:00PM PST (2:00 AM GMT)

2nd Opening (2 Slots + 1 Plain Standard JG 1.5 Ready to Go): 3:00AM Saturday (10:00 AM GMT)

3rd Opening (2 Slots): 10:00AM PST (5:00pm GMT)

If your jackal design requires a different color or a specific painted design, than your email for this queue opening will be considered for the 2 openings of this slot instead.

What do you mean by an “upgrade slot”?

An upgrade can be any of the following:

  • A color change (re-coating your mask with a different color)
  • Resurfacing your mask, which will refresh or renew the finish.
  • Upgrading a standard mask (with the 5-point head harness) into a hooded mask.

The quoted price for your upgrade will always include return shipping.

How long does a Wild Gasmask take to make?

Our normal turnaround is set for 8-10 weeks for all standard masks.  Our hooded items and hood upgrade can vary on production time, depending on how you submit measurements to us.  Once we have the measurements, that is when the clock starts. Hooded masks take 12-16 weeks.

Okay. I would like a Wild Gasmask.  How can I get started?

Keep locked on our Twitter where we will make an announcement for each set of openings. We will try to also pop out a status update about an hour before each opening. Once we tweet that we are open, submit the specifics of your commission through our contact form. Please do not try and email us directly, as we are concentrating only on what is submitted through the form.  For each slot opening, Kat will look at received time, and then prioritize by species. Once the slots for this time zone are filled, the original tweet will be rescinded and replaced with a closure notice.